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Kenneth Buk


Prof. Paul Funston


The Cheetah Metapopulation Research Project


Aim: Knowledge to manage cheetah metapopulation

This project aims at providing much of the scientific knowledge required to manage the cheetahs in South Africa's small reserves as a metapopulation in the best possible way.



Under this broad aim there are more specific targets, which include research on:

predator-prey balance

demographic and genetic viability

ecological and economic opportunities for range expansion

and more.


The people behind

The principal researcher is Kenneth Buk, who holds a M.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation Biology from the University of Copenhagen and a Postgraduate Diploma from College of African Wildlife Management. Kenneth has considerable experience from research on wild dogs, elephants, black rhinos and more.

Kenneth enjoys the support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, represented by Kelly Marnewick, a cheetah specialist, who plays a key role in project inception and data acquisition, and Dr. Harriet Davies-Mostert, also a predator specialist.

The project will be supervised by Prof. Paul Funston, who was a professor at Tshwane University of Technology, and now works for Panthera - an organisation protecting large species of cats. He is also a member of both IUCN's Cat and Conservation Breeding Specialist Groups and a member of the African Lion Working Group.





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