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The Cheetah Metapopulation Research Project


This project is highly cost-efficient by partially making use of data previously collected at the small reserves, by keeping transport to an absolute minimum, by having no administration costs and by minimizing remuneration for the researcher.

Still, with no government support this conservation research project relies fully on donations from foundations and private citizens. We therefore welcome any donation - large and small.

If you donate 30 Euro (or 250 SA Rand or 200 DKR) your name will appear on this page and in our publications and you can request an account of project costs and income.


Project shop

In the project shop you can purchase project items such as t-shirts, polo-shirts, hoodies and shopping bags (see next page).


If you would like to make a donation and/or pay for project merchandise please deposit into either of the accounts on this page and send an email to to notify us. Please remember that you must incur the costs of any international bank transfer.

If you prefer to use your credit card in a safe transaction please email me first, so I can send you a bill.

If you are ordering merchandise (next page) please include the required colour, size, gender and your mailing address.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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IBAN DK5130000007643446, SWIFT DABADKKK


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